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Find your payday advance online lender

This speed has been made possible thanks to a unique algorithm developed by the company to attract foreign experts in the field of risk assessment. As a result, the Astro Finance robot is able to make a decision in a matter of minutes that would take several days for the human being. The algorithm also integrates anti-money laundering (AML) due diligence, while protecting client data in the cloud.

In addition, the use of the algorithm means that the human factor is eliminated from the process – the robot does not make mistakes due to negligence and can not cause unreasonable bias. Astro Finance’s financiers postpone the robot’s decision to just check, which takes an additional 15 minutes.

People should be able to get a payday advance online from ACFA that fits exactly their needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the hassle of paperwork.

A two-year loan

A two-year loan

The other new product is a two-year loan of up to 100,000 USD at a monthly interest rate of 1.9%. “Although banks offer such loans at an annual rate of 10%, the customer is not always on these terms, and in fact, when summing up all costs and evaluating the customer’s rating, entrepreneurs have to expect higher interest rates – up to 24-26% per annum,” says Astro Finance Deputy Executive Director Andrei Ananjev with 16 years of banking experience. He emphasizes that Astro Finance is about openness and transparency, so it does not shy away from listing the full cost of its services in promotional materials.

As with interest-free credit and all other Astro Finance loans, the application for a new two-year loan is processed within 60 minutes. Lending speed is the key to Astro Finance’s success and its biggest competitive advantage over banks and non-bank lenders, according to company management. In addition, companies apply online, usually only with a bank account statement.

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