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There are many young people who in recent years have been trying to get involved, starting their own business. Projects that are not always simple, especially when the right capital is lacking to undertake this new path. Hence the initiative of many banks and financial agencies that have decided to financially support entrepreneurs under the age of 35 to create more employment.

What are the types of loans for new activities?

Many facilitated financing solutions for women and men under the age of 35 are on the table. In the spotlight there are the projects to start up a company, cooperative that can then give the opportunity in the future to hire. Of the requisites required there is often the state of inaction.

The amount disbursed usually does not exceed 15,000 euros for non-repayable solutions and does not exceed 50,000 euros if loans with repayment in installments are granted.

Let’s talk about small figures because – it is clear – a young entrepreneur cannot offer any credit to a credit institution. The solutions that can be reached when you decide to open a new business but need some extra liquidity are:

  • Regional or European non-repayable loans : these are funds intended for start-ups. This credit solution does not include the return of money. The value of the amount changes according to the type of project.
  • Honor loans : these are loans for young graduates and the unemployed who want to start their own business with the aim of creating employment. This credit solution provides for the granting of a portion of non-repayable money and another amount which must instead be repaid in installments but with subsidized interest rates.
  • Loans at zero rate : this is a loan that is accessed with greater simplicity since the amount obtained by the credit institution must then be returned as we are not talking about lost funds. There are numerous banks and financial companies that grant subsidized loans to young people under 35 when the goal is to start a business.

If, therefore, you are a young person who is under 35 and dreams of starting a business project, all you have to do is continue reading this guide to learn about the best offers in this field.

The documentation

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To get a loan aimed at starting a new business you must be under 35 and present yourself at a credit institution or even take a look at the various offers on the net. Once we have examined the estimates and above all we have made our choice, we can proceed. It is necessary to show the valid identity card, the fiscal code, the entrepreneurial project (the description must be treated in detail) and to present some guarantees, such as the credit on the current account, real estate or land owned, a guarantor.

Some of these loans dedicated to start-ups only provide for a partial repayment of the loaned capital. However, when we are dealing with public funding aimed at facilitating the entry of young people into the world of work , then in most cases we are talking about non-repayable solutions.

Non-repayable loans

Non-repayable loans

There are really so many non-repayable loans. This is why it is important to inform yourself before starting your own business project. There are credit solutions aimed at young people who have not yet reached the age of 30 and others dedicated to the under-35s or the “pink” population wishing to open their own business. These funds are granted by the European Union, the State or the Regions.

The non-repayable loans are intended for those who decide to embark on the world of self-employment and to open a new business activity.

These financial formulas are very popular especially in the field of female entrepreneurship and in some Italian regions such as the South. The intent of the institutions is to be able to reach out to young people who reside in these most problematic areas. Moreover, in 2019 there are also zero-interest loans always aimed at young people.

The calls for grants are published by public bodies (European, state or regional) in order to support young people and start new business activities. The new entrepreneurs who will submit the documentation relating to their entrepreneurial project as well as fill in the application in detail will participate in these calls.

Non-repayable loans can also be added together. Both young men and women can get funds from multiple calls to start their own business.

How to access

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Now we have to ask ourselves how we can take part in these public tenders in order to take advantage of these benefits and be able to start up our own business and realize our dream. The first thing to do is to study the documentation well in order to understand also which is the best unsecured loan for us.

To learn more you need to interface with Invitalia which is the National Agency for investment attraction and business development. In this way we will have information on the calls for tenders related to the start-up and growth of start-ups.

The next step is to make sure that you are in possession of the requirements to access a call for unsuccessful loans. If we are among the recipients of this public notice, the application must be completed carefully and in detail, taking into account the expiry date and attaching the documents that will be requested. Once we have sent our application, we just have to wait. The instance is examined taking into account the chronological order in which it was transmitted.

If the application is accepted, the loan applicant is called for an interview. In the event of a positive outcome, the young entrepreneur will be able to sign the contract and obtain the capital agreed upon in full.

Then there are times to respect. The company, beneficiary of such loans aimed at introducing young people into the world of work, must be able to work for at least 5 years starting from the date of the effective start-up after receiving the extra liquidity. The company headquarters must however be maintained in that territory. The same applies to the assets that are the subject of such non-repayable loans. The minimum exercise period for these companies must be at least 5 years.

The constraints

It is clear that obtaining a grant is a great start for a young entrepreneur who wants to invest in his new business. However, there are times to be respected and constraints to be met once we have received the funding.

The company, beneficiary of non-repayable loans, must be operational for a minimum period of five years. This time frame is calculated starting from the date of its actual start.

Zero interest loans

Zero interest loans

Another credit solution for young people who want to start their own business with a business is that provided by zero-interest loans . In fact, there are loans for the creation of micro and small businesses. Here are the possible recipients:

  • Companies or cooperatives composed of a majority of young people aged between 18 and 35 or women;
  • These companies must not be established for more than 12 months from the time the application is submitted to benefit from these loans;
  • Micro and small businesses.

Other important requisites for accessing zero-interest loans in 2019 are that these companies are registered in the business register and that they are not subject to voluntary liquidation. It is also essential that there is no blocked account and that companies have not already been recipients of funds granted by the European Commission in the past.

The loan must be repaid in installments

Installment at zero interest, within eight years. The amortization plan provides for six-monthly installments. The deadlines are set for May 31 and November 30 of each year.

To be able to take advantage of these facilities for young people under 35 are companies related to the industry, crafts and agricultural products sectors; provision of services, trade and tourism; social innovation. The request to obtain these subsidized loans in 2019 can be submitted electronically on the official website of Anvitalia.

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